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September/October Everglades Fishing Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy,

September was a fortuitous month for tracking down Redfish in favorite spots that we’ve seen produce results over the past few seasons. Up until mid-October, they were out in numbers, which is expected for this time of year.  The reason for the increased sightings is due to their congregating in large pods to begin their seasonal spawning ritual.  The same applies to Black Drum, which were also plentiful in September-October, but have since moved out. Higher recorded wind speeds in the 10-20 mph range along the southwest Florida coast, also created some challenging fishing conditions up through October.  We are, however, seeing wind conditions steadily improve…. a welcome change, as it will yield clearer water for easier and more effective sight-casting.

Although the majority of Tarpon caught in October were categorized as juveniles (what the fishing guides call “babies”), we also enjoyed latching on to a few good-sized specimens, in the 70-90 lb range.

Snook have recently begun a late migration to the backcountry.  We’re hot on their trail and just now beginning to catch them in the back bays and estuaries.

For the fly fisherman, with an above average sense of balance, looking for a challenge, and wishing to explore a little deeper into some rugged unspoiled backcountry, my inflatable Aire kayak is the ticket to getting into some virtually unspoiled areas that would otherwise be unnavigable. Here, both Snook and Redfish are ‘unexpecting’ and very abundant at times.  Geared toward the more adventurous angler, fishing off the kayak is guaranteed to be a unique and exciting experience.  As the water temperatures begin to drop, we’ll be seeing more fish move back to these backcountry haunts.

With the fall bait migration now underway, we’re looking forward to the Tarpon fishing returning.


Signing off ‘til next time….

Captain Buddy

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