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February/March Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, Life is good in Southwest Florida!  Can’t complain, healthy, great weather, and the fishing is heating up.  Last Wednesday, March 23rd, I landed my first large Tarpon of the year.  It was about 70 lbs. and evidently loved the black and purple Puglisi bait pattern that I threw.  While trying desperately to set my camera on

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August/September Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, The fishing overall, definitely picked up in early September.  Plenty of Redfish around, with occasional very large schools.  The water has remained reasonably clear, so it was fun getting to sight-cast.  Larger Snook were being caught again.  Earlier in the season was a different story. From the second week in June until late August, locating a

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June/July Everglades, 10,000 Island Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, With fewer charters over these past months, it’s given me the gift of time to learn waters that I previously was not familiar with.  It has been a time of discovery and surprisingly great fishing as well.  After spending several months catching Redfish and Snook, and watching out for a rolling Tarpon, I came to the

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April/May Everglades, 10,000 Island Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, The onset of this global pandemic has certainly allowed introspective time on the water, with more time alone than ever before.  The fishing has been excellent, and darn, I had to cancel almost all of my charters until a few days ago.  In April I had some exceptional Tarpon fishing, jumping 8-10 fish a day.  Since

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Greetings from Captain Buddy, Hope everyone is staying healthy as we navigate through these challenging times.  We are sure enough experiencing shifting times and an extraordinary time to be in the world.  Spirit of the Fly has canceled all charters for the moment and, in keeping up with the movement of this pandemic curve, will continue to exercise caution as

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December/January Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, Life is good in the Everglades!  I think the big surprise is how many Redfish we’re seeing and catching.   Although we are sighting more young fish, occasionally we are hooking up with those in the upper 20-inch range.  With a solid incoming population of smaller Snook, and the abundance of 1.5 to 2.5-year-old Redfish, I’m really

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Sept/Oct Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, It’s the day after Halloween, and I’m leaving tomorrow morning on my annual bow hunt to southeastern Colorado, this time in pursuit of the illusive whitetail, which are found in an area once populated by North American plains Indians, including the Shawnee, Apache, and Kiowa tribes. Though the last few years have presented me with few

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July/August Everglades Fishing Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, A perfect cast is a thing of beauty.  If it is a long cast, it is like a note of music extended and held.  In all other sports, the moment of impact separates you from the very object you are projecting in beautiful flight, but the execution of a perfect cast can be seen and felt

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May/June Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, I hope that you’re all having a great summer!  It’s been a cooler than normal last few months here, with fronts coming through, bringing those predictable temperature drops.  My fingers are crossed that no major systems come through.  Everything is green and lush.  Our trees have produced bumper crops of grapefruit, mangos, and we’d like to

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March/April Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, A warmer than expected spring made for some above average fishing, with lots of small snook in the 1-2 year old range reaching the end of our lines.  At first, I was puzzled, asking myself “Why this year are we seeing so many snook in the smaller size, unlike the previous years”?  A recent Florida Sportsman

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