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July/August Everglades Fishing Report

Greetings from the Captain,

The majority of time spent fishing these past few months was on the “outside”, away from the backcountry mangroves.  As is often the case this time of year, Redfish are hard to come by until later in August.  But when they move into the area, with the aid of lighter winds and clearer water, it’s “game on”.  We’re now seeing an abundance of Redfish in the shallow bays and coves.  Instinctively, they are sensing that cooler temperatures (when baitfish are more scarce) are just around the corner, as evidenced by their more eager approach to our flies.  September and October are the months that baitfish including mullet are migrating off shore and further south for the winter.  You’ll find lots of bait along the beaches at this time, which in turn, stimulates the game fish of Southwest Florida.  A truly great time to be on the water!

Snook fishing has been good this season, with a significant number of mature Snook being brought to the boat.  We also had a couple of ‘super-sized’ Snook that snapped our lines, apparently not wanting anything to do with the imminent photo shoot.  Though they sometimes get away, they sure are fun to battle.  Watching a fish of that size inhale a top water fly is as exhilarating as any sight cast. They come out of nowhere, and as prepared as you think you are, you’re never truly ready.  In other words, your heart skips a beat (or two) the moment you see the flash and feel the immense pressure migrate from your fly line to your rod. It’s a great feeling!

As the summer progressed, I made several kayak trips through the narrow creeks into remote lakes and marsh areas, catching quite a few smaller Tarpon.  Some of those outings yielded prolific Snook catches as well.  While the larger Tarpon were not as easy to come by this summer, similar to Redfish, they’ve begun to show up in recent weeks.  September through mid December has historically been a good time to find the Silver King.  It’s possible, depending on the incoming cold fronts, to catch them all winter. The warmer winter days are typically very good for locating Tarpon.  It changes year to year, but if last year is any indication, we should do well.

Last thing for now, as a member of the Naples Backcountry Fly Fishers, I’d like to invite you to be my guest should you happen to be in town when the monthly meetings are held.  All meetings are held at The Conservancy of Southwest Florida on the 2nd Monday of each month from October through May.  The meetings are lively and each month we welcome informative guest speakers who cover a variety of topics.  Members openly share their experiences and stories, and provide us with the latest updates. Be sure to let me know if you are interested.  Would love to have you as my guest!

Signing off …

Captain Buddy

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