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My Mission: To Provide You With An Unforgettable Fly Fishing Trip In the Florida Everglades and 10,000 Islands

I’ve been fishing from the moment I could hold a rod.

In fact, I was just four years old when I first started spin casting into the two ponds on my family’s horse farm in Green Village, New Jersey. Not long after that, I was tossing a line into the brook that flowed through our property.

But it wasn’t just the fishing I loved – it was the entire outdoor experience: the fresh air, the wildlife and, of course, the thrill of hooking a big one.

And this passion for angling is really why I started Spirit of the Fly in the first place: I want other people to experience an incredible fishing trip. If I can do that, then my business is a success no matter what happens.

An experienced & dedicated angler

I’ve spent my entire life fishing waters across the U.S. while gaining hands-on experience as an angler, which helps me provide my customers with unforgettable fishing adventures.

buddy-ferber12Inspired by the writings of the late Lee Wulff, considered to be one of the most innovative fly fishing experts, I started fishing flies on local waters in New Jersey at age 16. And from then on, I was hooked.

A few years later, I was off to live in Colorado to fish the pristine rivers and lakes of the Rockies and other locations across the Western U.S.  Eventually, I returned to the East Coast, settling in the warmer climate of southern Florida.

I bought a light-weight skiff with the goal of navigating the shallowest of waters and have spent years exploring remote sections of the Everglades. From the open water to the pristine estuaries of the Everglades National Park, I learned what it takes to catch big fish along these shores. And of course, I uncovered some productive fishing spots as well. Every day, I give thanks for being given the opportunity to experience just how amazing the fishing in this area of the country is.

When you arrange to join me on a fishing tour, brace yourself for one memorable angling adventure.

Fishing is about more than landing a big one

buddy-ferber04There’s something indescribable that takes place when you’re out on a fly fishing adventure–the thrill of the pursuit and first sighting, the anticipation of the initial cast and, finally, landing the unsuspecting quarry.

It’s about more than just hooking a big fish – it’s also about watching and really experiencing the process as it unfolds. These are the moments that stir the soul.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to spend my time helping others explore the Florida Everglades. When you fish with me, I’m there to answer any questions and I can provide you with tips on everything from tying knots to selecting the right fly for the right fish.

And as a member of Fly Fishers International, Back Country Fly Fishers, The International Game Fish Association, Conservancy of Southwest Florida, the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and The Florida Guides Association, my tours are designed to have as little impact on the eco-system as possible.  By practicing catch and release fishing we leave behind a healthy fishery for our children to enjoy, giving them the opportunity to develop a keen interest in fishing and the outdoors just as I did.

So if you’re interested in booking a tour with a friendly guide who knows his stuff, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Captain Buddy Ferber

Get to Know Captain Buddy Ferber August 13, 2014

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