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July/August Everglades Fishing Report

July-August Everglades Fishing Report   No matter the time of year, spending time in the Everglades is always a joy for me.   As expected over the summer months, it did get somewhat buggier, especially up near the mangrove shoreline where the tarpon often lay. However, I’m happy to report, we continued our pursuit of tarpon all season without too many

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May/June Everglades Fishing Report

Greetings from the Captain What an interesting past 2 months; Mayweather defeats Pacquiao, the Cleveland Cavaliers lose to the Golden State Warriors, the Rolling Stones perform in Orlando (more spry than they were 30 years ago!), and Capt. Buddy Ferber fishes ridiculously hard for the ever-illusive Permit. The more I fish for them, the more humble I become. We saw

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March/April Everglades Fishing Report

Greetings from the Captain! It wasn’t until the end of March and into early April that we began to see the Tarpon showing up in numbers in the park. Shortly thereafter, several customers had the good fortune to experience firsthand the power of the illusive silver king on the end of their lines. Since April, sightings have been more sporadic,

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January/February Fishing in the Everglades

Although 10-20 mph winds prevailed throughout most of January-February, the fishing remained productive.  Maneuvering into the back bays, creeks, and estuaries was the key.  Slightly more protected from the element, water was clearer, and it was great fun casting to redfish and snook.  My new AIRE inflatable, 2 man kayak arrived in late January (a belated Christmas gift to myself).  With it’s

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Four Seasons of Everglades Fishing

Winter: Some Snook head offshore to the deeper, warmer waters. Lots of them, as well as Redfish and smaller Tarpon, are found deep in the shallow waters of the back country. What a wonderful time to fish from kayaks, canoes, or smaller vessels. Spring: Can be windy some days, which makes for not quite as good sight-casting. However, the return

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November/December Fishing In The Everglades

Happy New Year!  I can’t wait to see what January brings.  November and December brought good water clarity with gentle winds.  We caught quite a few redfish sight casting around the outer islands.  The backcountry produced some great snook in December.  Poppers, gurglers, and other top waters are still producing, but not like they were in October.  Smaller flies such

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