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September/October Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy,

Due to Hurricane Irma descending upon southwest Florida early in September, only a fraction of my schedule was spent ‘on the water’.  With The Glades having been ‘stirred up’ after Irma, disrupting shoreline and habitat, fishing was virtually non-existent for several weeks.  A good part of October, for many of us, was instead dedicated to cleanup, after being hit with category 4 winds on Sept 10th.   For me personally, following the storm, a good part of the month was spent restoring landscaping, and exterior damage to lights, fencing, and torn up irrigation from larger trees going down.  I am grateful beyond words that our home was spared from any major damage. During the clean-up, we worked silently and diligently, as our thoughts and prayers were with the families of the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Virgin Islands.  We knew full well Mother Nature had spared us the worst, and there was no complaining as we dutifully worked to restore and repair. We also thought back about our friends across the Gulf, in Houston, who had been severely hit by Harvey only 3 weeks earlier.

Within a few weeks of the storm, and once back out on the water, I set out to scout on my own, assessing new territory to fish, as well as taking note of any notable changes in terrain.  Shortly thereafter, I resumed my charter schedule with the earliest of the post-Irma anglers, who were just as curious and ready to get out as I was after a long involuntary ‘reprieve’.  The first outings proved to be a challenge some days, with others being successful.  We are slowly establishing new places to fish as some of the structure has changed.  A few of my past favorite spots are virtually inaccessible, due to shifting mangrove terrain and downed trees.  Now, with the onset of dryer weather, I’ll be able to take my inflatable Aire kayak back into some of those otherwise unreachable areas.  The fall is my favorite time of the year to fish, so I’ll certainly look forward to the full season next year!  If you have any questions about the post hurricane fishing, send me an email, or call, and I’ll give you an honest and current update.

As a reminder:  Though robust as a fighting game fish, large tarpon can be more fragile than they appear, especially after a long round of play at the end of your fly line.  Although they have tremendous body size and strength, when they become exhausted, it’s extremely hard to revive them.  And even when revived, if disoriented and unable to gain speed, an exhausted fish can become easy prey for nearby shark after they swim away.  To prevent such a situation, it’s best to fish with the correct size rod and reel, fight the fish hard, but do not be overly concerned if it breaks the line.  Being aware of lapsing time and being sensitive to your catch’s decreasing energy, will assure the “Silver King” another day to come back and fight again.  And what the heck, be confident in knowing you got the best of what this magnificent fighter had to offer in the first 10 minutes!

Remember, it’s always best to fish the clean water, and fish it diligently.  The rainy season is coming to an end, so the water is clearing, making it much easier to site cast the creeks, back bays, and lakes.  Come down out of the cold and join me in the warm waters and blue skies of paradise!!

Signing off….

Captain Buddy


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