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February/March Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy,

Life is good in Southwest Florida!  Can’t complain, healthy, great weather, and the fishing is heating up.  Last Wednesday, March 23rd, I landed my first large Tarpon of the year.  It was about 70 lbs. and evidently loved the black and purple Puglisi bait pattern that I threw.  While trying desperately to set my camera on a 12-second delay as I held the fish, I snapped the tip of my fly rod, a mistake I rarely make.  It’s very interesting; to catch that fish, release it unharmed and watch it swim away was such a rush, that breaking the rod didn’t phase me.  I’m sure when it comes time to fork out for the replacement rod, I’ll think about being a little more ‘present’ in the moment.

So, Tarpon sightings are on the rise, certainly ‘tis the time of year.  Grateful for their plentitude, because with lots of charters coming up, I haven’t had the opportunity to really scout for them. Most anglers now are not set on catching them, not quite yet.  They realize that it’s a shade early, and there will be better opportunities with each day that passes.  Snook, that’s a different story.  As you can see by the attached photo, some large, mature females are making their rounds in the mangroves.  If our wind speeds and gusts settle even just a little, the sight casting will be fantastic.  Fortunately, even with the wind, lee sides are reasonably clear.  Not much rain this time of year accounts for more clarity in the backcountry waters.  I’ve been seeing and catching quite a few Redfish, some that   remind me of fishing the larger Redfish along the Louisiana coast.  All and all, conditions unfolding look very promising for Spring and Summer fishing in the Everglades. Enjoying every minute of it!

Signing off……

Captain Buddy

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