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Greetings from Captain Buddy,

I elected to take more time this year for myself, pursuing Whitetail and Elk during bow-hunting season in Colorado.  Over a 30-day period this fall, I must have examined at least 25 bucks within 30 yards.  Most were 1 ½ to 2.5-year old deer, on the verge of magnificence, yet at that brief moment of evaluation, I knew they were each meant to walk the Earth for a longer time.  I did see a few bucks that were outstanding, but were sited at a greater-than-60-yard distance.  I can relate bow-hunting deer to tarpon fishing with our fly rods.  Absolutely nothing is easy about either sport.  The challenge and the mystery is a huge part of the draw for me, and I presume for others who pursue either of these sports.  If easy is what we were looking for, we would’ve taken up other recreations, right?

On the subject of my pre-occupation this fall, one doesn’t always associate Eastern Colorado with bow-hunting for elk. However, while out combing only a portion of the 65,000 acres two landowners had provided me access to, I was able to view some outstanding bulls. And after seeing small herds sprinkled across their winter wheat fields, it appears that their numbers are there to stay, at least for a while.  Exploring the land itself is another reason I enjoy the bow-hunting experience. Similar to the Everglades, I make every effort to learn every nook and cranny.  There is nothing that comes close to the thrill of exploring remote, untouched country.  There are certainly easier places to hunt Whitetail and Elk, but I wouldn’t have passed up the extraordinary experience I had this year for anything.  Hopefully the landowners will allow me to wander and hunt their expanse of property for many years to come.  For now, happy to be back fishing the Everglades!  A whole different world, but equally amazing!

Thank you very much for a wonderful 2018 season!

Signing off…..

Captain Buddy

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