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May/June Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy,

A great 2 months out on the water!  May brought us a 12.5” record rainfall, making it extremely hard to pinpoint tarpon on the shallow flats at times.  Even so, I’ve experienced one of the best tarpon fishing years ever.  We jumped over 70 mature tarpon above 60 lbs, with most being in the 100 lb class.  It never ceases to amaze me, with their power and agility, how challenging it can be to get “hands on” for a photo!  Wow, some given days, this enigmatic species is nowhere to be found, and then on others, you find yourself hooking up with 11 in one morning!  Phenomenal!

I am pleased to say, the redfish appear to be here in better numbers this summer.  Not as great as pre-Irma, but we began catching some the latter part of June.  And, happy to say, we’re having no trouble sighting snook!  The snook fishing is better than it’s been for awhile.  Boy, whether it’s a popper or top water plug, when they take it, you best have a good heart!

Here it is, already July, and we really don’t have any bugs to speak of, in comparison to recent years.  I’m amazed climbing in my skiff this time of year, how few there are.  Either it’s the severe draught we had in the fall and winter, the record rainfall in May, or the residual aftermath of Hurricane Irma.  Perhaps a combination of these and other factors.  I’ve asked several people, all of which have different opinions as to why we’ve been so lucky with the lack of no-seeums and mosquitoes.  For whatever the reasons, it’s certainly making mid-summer fishing in the Everglades more enjoyable right now.

This year, I’ll be taking a late summer break from the tropical paradise of The Everglades to head north and fish a few of my favorite spots in Alaska.  Though Alaska-bound in mid-August, I’ll be ready to return home to the mangroves and warmer waters by mid-September.  I’ve spent lots of time in Alaska over the years, but it’s been awhile, so looking forward to enjoying the beautiful Alaskan scenery and fishing the good Rainbow Trout rivers and lakes for a few weeks!

I attended an Everglades meeting recently to learn that they’ll be raising our fees to guide in the park.  Although disappointed at first to hear about the increase, I thought to myself “It’s so worth it and needed right now…resources to help enhance and maintain the park.”  We, who use the park, need to help in meeting this need.  My thanks go out to all the employees of the Everglades National Park, for working as diligently as they do, to keep our park clean and safe.  And this simply can’t be done without the support that comes from both state and federal funding, as well as all the other individuals and organizations who provide support and donations.

See you in September……

Captain Buddy

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