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December/January Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy,

Life is good in the Everglades!  I think the big surprise is how many Redfish we’re seeing and catching.   Although we are sighting more young fish, occasionally we are hooking up with those in the upper 20-inch range.  With a solid incoming population of smaller Snook, and the abundance of 1.5 to 2.5-year-old Redfish, I’m really optimistic about the forthcoming fishing season.  And with waters being reasonably clear once again, we’re even back sight-casting!

Thus far, our winter has been extremely warm.  I believe the Snook are somewhat confused or adapting to new patterns.  Generally, they’re off-shore by now, or tucked away in the backcountry.  Not true right now.  We had a large Snook on a few days ago, that was hooked out near the Gulf in one of the passes.  Also, we’ve been catching quite a few average Snook in the same areas.

I personally have had 2 larger Tarpon on in 2020.  I didn’t land either one, but did manage to get 5 jumps out of one.  I haven’t targeted them; it was just by chance.  When the water temperature gets into the 72+ degree range, they become more active.  As I’ve been doing deeper water, winter fishing, I’ve seen quite a few Tarpon rolling, most within a few miles of the coast, in the passes.  It’s a fairly accurate indicator that we just might have a wonderful Tarpon season this year.  Keep in mind, I’m the ultimate optimist!

On a last note, it’s a really good time to fish the canals, such as the main canal off Highway 41.   I’ve had recent reports of huge numbers of Largemouth Bass, Cichlids, Mangrove Snapper, and Peacock Bass being caught.  As the waters recede in the Everglades due to the dry season, the fish move into the remaining deeper canals, which makes for great fishing.  Fishing the canals can also be great fun for a younger child who wants to hook a fish or two, but can only take so many hours out on the water. It’s likely you may even catch a larger Snook, or baby Tarpon in the canals this time of year!

Signing off……

Captain Buddy

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