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Everglades Fly Fishing Report

March/April Everglades Fish Report

MARCH/APRIL EVERGLADES FISH REPORT Greetings from Captain Buddy, Despite lack of rain, and some significant wild fires in the area, fishing has been good!  Snook fishing through the winter and spring has shown improvement over the past few years.  Quite possibly, this is due partially to my going deeper into the park on a more regular basis.  Less pressure, less

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Greetings from Captain Buddy, Over the past 6 weeks, we’ve had the good fortune of hooking up with a lot of mature Snook, bringing several to the boat.  We’ve had a few over 20 lbs, with just a little too much horse power, snatch the line and race back into the mangrove roots and downed trees.  There’s not a day

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November/December Everglades Fishing Report

November/December Everglades Fish Report Greetings from Captain Buddy, Having spent a lot of time in the whitetail woods of Kansas and Kentucky,  I didn’t spend my usual number of days on the water this fall.  Besides fly fishing, archery has always been my other great passion.  Having spent 3-4 weeks sitting quietly in the trees, and even though I didn’t

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September/October Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, Due to Hurricane Irma descending upon southwest Florida early in September, only a fraction of my schedule was spent ‘on the water’.  With The Glades having been ‘stirred up’ after Irma, disrupting shoreline and habitat, fishing was virtually non-existent for several weeks.  A good part of October, for many of us, was instead dedicated to cleanup,

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July/August Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Capt. Buddy, Word on the water for the past few months… “much improved’!  August brought us some surprising opportunities for large tarpon.  Though they didn’t emerge in spring time numbers, the ones that were here sure showed a hefty appetite for our flies!  From the last week in July through August, we probably jumped 14.  Got 2 mature

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May/June Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, Strong winds were the theme played out throughout the duration of this year’s late spring tarpon season.  Although we were given some reprieve from winds 15mph and above, by and large, May and June were “windy city”, just enough to keep the waters churned up and make it challenging to post up on the outside to

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Greetings from Captain Buddy, To say the least, it’s been a very unusual past few months.  Although nearly contained, a series of fires burned thousands of acres throughout Collier County for nearly 2 months. In my recollection, it has never been so dry in these parts.   With seasonally low rainfall for months on end, we become at higher risk with

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January/February Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, To begin, I’ve had the pleasure of fishing with some great anglers these past couple of months–thoughtful, considerate, environmentally conscious people that love to throw a fly!  Although it’s not for me to guarantee the number of fish to be caught on any given day, I can certainly guarantee giving it a 100% effort on my

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November / December Everglades Fish Report

Greetings from Capt Buddy, End of the year weather was great, with lighter variable winds prevailing on most days.  Water temperatures stayed nice with really no significant cold fronts.  Last year in December we had torrential rains to the tune of approximately 11 inches.  The inundation changed the chemistry of the water, moving bait and game fish away from their

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September/October Everglades Fishing Report

Greetings from Captain Buddy, September was a fortuitous month for tracking down Redfish in favorite spots that we’ve seen produce results over the past few seasons. Up until mid-October, they were out in numbers, which is expected for this time of year.  The reason for the increased sightings is due to their congregating in large pods to begin their seasonal

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